Bangladesh Bioethics Society
Promotes Integrity for Peace, Dignity and Sustainability


To develop Member’s skills, knowledge, and abilities on the issue of bioethics. BBS regularly sends their members in different international conferences so that the individual can accomplish the goals of the society.

BBS members in various international conferences:

  1. 19 Asian Bioethics Conference, Taiwan, December 2018
  2. Joint SHRG-AUSN Training Workshop on Ethics and Professional Responsibility: Bioethics, Law and Love in a Pluralistic World, 8-10 June 2018, London, England.
  3. European Network of Academic Integrity, Turkey, May 2018
  4. AUSN Intensive Bioethics and Global Public Health Training Workshop, Hotel Mountain View, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1-3 March 2018.
  5. APAME 2017 (Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors). Indonesia, 2018
  6. 18 Asian Bioethics Conference, Indonesia, 2017
  7. 17 Asian Bioethics Conference, Indonesia, 2016
  8. APAME 2017 (Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors). Thailand 2016
  9. Asian Bioethics Colloquium, Singapore, 2016
  10. 16th Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC 16), Philippines, Nov. 2015
  11. 15th Asian Bioethics Conference. Beppu and Kumamoto, Japan, Nov. 2014
  12. Professional Training Workshop for Cancer Treatment, Hospice/Palliative Care and Bioethics in Southeast Asian Countries. Taiwan, December 2014
  13. International conference of Ethics Education, Turkey, May 2014
  14. 14th Asian Bioethics Conference, Chennai, India, 2013
  15. CREA, Count Me In! Conference, Nepal, April, 2011
  16. Muslim Women: Through the Lens of History, Religion, Law, and Society, March, 2011, Karachi, Pakistan.
  17. Second International Congress of Bioethics with emphasis on: Morality, Spirituality and Creationism, February, 2011, Tehran, Iran.
  18. 11Asian Bioethics Conference, Singapore, 2010.
  19. World Congress of Bioethics, Singapore, 2010.
  20. Integrating Development and Climate Change Ethics, USA, 2010.
  21. 6th International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultation, USA, 2010.
  22. International Symposium on Ethical Issues Related to Biomedical Research Human Subject, China, 2009.
  23. Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia the Western Pacific (FERCAP), Thailand, 2009.

Course /Conference held by BBS:

  1. Joint BBS-AUSN Bioethics and Academic Integrity Training Workshop, August 2018
  2. Joint Collaboration of DGHS-BBS-AUSN Workshop on Research Methodology, 2017
  3. Bioethics Training Programme and Graduation Ceremony, July 2017
  4. Award Ceremony Intensive Bioethics Training Course. Feb 2016
  5. Art / Photography Competition. July 2015
  6. Youth Leadership Training Workshop on Bioethics for Ensuring Human Rights. July, 2015
  7. Short Course on Guidelines for Ethical Research with Human Subjects, March, 2015
  8. Joint American University Sovereign Nation (AUSN) - Bangladesh Bioethics Society intensive training workshop on bioethics and research: preparing ethical professionals. Feb, 2015
  9. Bioethics Course on Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research, 2014
  10. Art / Picture Competition on Bioethics. June, 2014
  11. Training Workshop on Human Rights Education for Youth Leadership Jan 2014
  12. Course on Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research, Sept 2013.
  13. Youth Leadership Training Workshop on Bioethics for Ensuring Human Rights, Sept 2011.
  14. Seminar on Bioethics for the Protection of Human, May, 2011.
  15. Course on Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research, Sept 2010.
  16. Month Long Course on Bioethics: Education and Research, July 2010.
  17. 2nd UNESCO ethics workshop, July 2009.
  18. 1st UNESCO ethics workshop, March 2009.

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