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Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS) started its journey of publishing and maintaining a journal upgrading system in 2014 in Bangladesh to maintain the basic publication ethics for the Journal at free of cost.
Now, it has been maintaining a journal upgrading system under the project of Journal Development Services.


Arrange ISSN for Journals


Online publishing
Impact factor
Uploading Articles Online


An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is an internationally accepted code that identifies the title of serial publications. It is an eight-digit code number used to uniquely identify a serial publication. ISSN is given for both in print and electronic media, denoted as e-ISSN for electronic and p-ISSN for print publication respectively. An ISSN is mandatory for all publications. Without ISSN, publication is not ethically and legally sound.


ORCID ID: ORCID is a unique number for research, author and academics. ORCID identifies researchers among different people with the same name. ORCID interlinks researchers to other academics across the globe. It keeps researchers all academic data together and makes their discoveries visible to the public.  Therefore, it is an essential component for researchers, authors, and academics. It increases the value of researchers and enhances trust in the research community.


Electronic Journal (e-journal) is a digital periodical that publishes online. Fundamentally an e-journal is similar as a print journal. Articles are submitted by author are reviewed by peer reviewers, then accepted or rejected by editorial board and published as similar layout as the journal in print format. Now a day, print journal subsequently is evolving to have an electronic version as it is cheap, freely accessible worldwide, help to grow green environment and produce impact factor (IF) easily and automatically.


Impact factor is a tool for evaluating the standard of a journals. It also infers the information about the importance and the level of consumption of a journal in a scientific community. It is a good technique for scientific evaluation ranking a journal. Journals with higher impact factors are often deemed to be more important and prestigious than those with lower ones.


Online visibility is not enough to calculate impact factors. It must be published in an index journal in order to be read and cited afterwards. Therefore, inadequate indexation will loss of opportunity for its consumption and citation, even if the journal is free of costs and has free access. Once a journal is launched it is appropriate to have index. Only the indexing journals are achieved impact factor. Online index makes searching faster and easier.

Journal Development Services Provided to:

  1. City Dental College Journal from 2013, p ISSN 2305-0039 eISSN 2305-2694 from 2007.
  2. Bangladesh Journal of Bioethics, p ISSN 2226-9231 and eISSN 2078-1458 from 2010
  3. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Education 2015 p ISSN 2306-0654 and eISSN 2313-4224 from 2012
  4. Journal of Oral Heath, p2518-5306 from 2015
  5. MH Samorita Medical College Journal, p ISSN 2522 3771 from 2018
  6. Bangladesh Journal of Health Systems & Policy research, pISSN 2664-0511 and e2664-052X from 2019
  7. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, p ISSN 2664-0953 from 2019.

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