Bangladesh Bioethics Society
Promotes Integrity for Peace, Dignity and Sustainability


  1. Leadership Opportunities: Hold elective committee / Subcommittee of BBS
  2. Voting right: Right to vote in BBS election.
  3. Networking: Be listed in and access online BBS member directory.
  4. Free Journal Subscription
  5. Access to attend bioethical meetings/ conferences/ seminars/ workshops on bioethics in county and abroad.
  6. Access to attend in research / training on bioethics.
  7. Access to attend Annual General Meeting
  8. Receiving the Societies Newsletters and other mailings concerning Society activities.
  9. Get priority for registration waiver, free accommodation and meals during conferences/ Seminars of BBS, in some cases travel grants.
  10. Reviews articles for the Journal and would be invited for lecture, book writing etc.

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