Bangladesh Bioethics Society
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Speeding is not only unethical but also a crime. Currently, Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS) in collaboration with Highway Police and BRTC has taken initiative of awareness programme, research and place speed limit signposts at roads and highways to reduce Road Traffic Accidents (RTA). Programme has been launched through a workshop at Telecom Bhaban Auditorium on 15th June 2013.

There has been an alarming rise in road accidents in Bangladesh over the past few years. Many initiatives have been taken by different organizations to reduce RTA. Law enforcement agencies promotes good practices related to helmet and seat-belt wearing and not drinking & driving. But there has been no actions yet taken on speed limits. In addition, there is almost no speed limit sign posts in the road particularly in the cities. Therefore, drivers particularly young and novice have motives and attitudes for speeding and cause accidents.

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