Bangladesh Bioethics Society
Promotes Integrity for Peace, Dignity and Sustainability


BBS would like to see an ethically educated and morally healthy generation for sustainable development of Bangladesh.


Bring community people to think critical issues and balance the risks and benefits in their choices and decisions for peace, human rights, balanced gender, tolerance and democratic governance.


Ethically enlightened citizens in all strata of society regardless of poor, rich, cast and creed.


  1. To uphold the value of free, open and reasoned discussion of issues in bioethics;
  2. To facilitate contacts and exchange of information between those working in bioethics across Bangladesh;
  3. To encourage teaching of bioethics in Bangladesh at all levels;
  4. To disseminate the idea of bioethics and results through popular lectures, public awareness programmes and publications;
  5. To encourage application of the knowledge and skills of bioethics in personal and social life and to promote bioethical maturity of the society;
  6. To encourage development of research about bioethics issues in Bangladesh and from across the world;
  7. To organize and promote lectures, seminars, workshops and national and international conferences on bioethics;
  8. To assist the linkage with regional and global organizations on bioethics;
  9. To encourage other academic works or projects to accomplish their goals consisting of the objectives of the society.
  10. To facilitate the government policies.

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