Bangladesh Bioethics Society
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Signing of MOU
Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS) has signed a Memoranda of Understanding with American University of the Sovereign Nations (AUSN), Scott dale, Arizona, USA on 2nd January 2015 with the initiatives of Prof. Shamima Lasker & Prof. Arif Hossain for cooperation in the field of post graduate education.
The signatories were from AUSN Dr. Thomas A. Gionis (President) and Provost Prof. Dr. Darryl Macer and from BBS President Prof. Taslima Mansoor and Secretary General & Founding Chairman Prof Shamima Lasker respectively. The Vice-President & Founding Chairman Prof. Arif Hossain was also present at the signing ceremony as witness.
Currently participants from 10 different countries and 15 participants from Bangladesh Bioethics Society with scholarships are attending the Master’s of Bioethics & Global Public Health (MBGPH) and Master’s of Public Health (MPH) program in AUSN.

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