Bangladesh Bioethics Society
Promote Integrity for Peace, Dignity and Sustainability
Youth Resource Development
Human Rights Training for Students
To promote strong ethical values, practice of ethics and morality among the young generation in their professional and social life to lead the nation for upholding human rights for long term sustainability of the country.
Objectives of the workshop:
  1. Introducing ethical leadership among youth in a participatory manner.
  2. Fostering strong youth committed to ensure human rights in the community.
  3. Helping young people to utilize their potentials and become ideal leaders of their society.
Art/Picture Competition on Bioethics
To develop ethical values among young generation, Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS) organizes Art / Photography competitions on ethics from 2013. It encourages drawing picture on ethics, e.g. what is good and bad; capture the beauty of good behavior; appreciation of human life; discovering truth about humanity and recognizing inherent dignity of human. Ethical aspect of any subject matter can be included in this competition.

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